Nature Land

Camping is a fun experience when you go with your family and friends. However, there’s more to camping than just sitting around the campfire out on the nature land.



Hiking is one of the favorite camping activities. It involves leisurely traveling on a trail through a forest, woods, hills, mountains and other areas of natural beauty. Experienced hikers enjoy being in the field for several days using their own portable shelter. Hiking with a tent or hammock is an ideal way to sleep under the stars. The main thing you will need for hiking is a backpack that can carry your food and other needs. It is also important to wear comfortable hiking shoes and use a hiking stick.


There are chances for you to discover something new every time you’re in the woods. Camping activities provide innumerable opportunities for fun and adventure

Nature study

Nature study aims to teach people about the plants, animals and other things that are found in nature. It is done by observing nature in the wild, rather than in a laboratory. it is inevitable that you want to learn more about the plants and animals of your choice.

Outdoor cooking

In terms of food, outdoors has everything. You can do something as simple as just taking a picnic with your family to enjoy time on the trip. Or you can take it more serious and be a professional in cooking. Cooking outdoors is fun because you don't need to use so many utensils and ingredients.

Plants and Animals

To be able to identify plants and animals, you should download free camping apps for android or iphone or ipad that has plenty of pictures of different species. You can also create your own nature book if you are interested in describing the plants and animals you see.


This is one of the most popular camping activities because they are very easy to learn, but at the same time very difficult to master. First you need to find an archery range near your place before you start practicing with the bow and arrow. If it's your first time, then don't worry about getting good results immediately.

First aid

You can shoot all sorts of arrows in the beginning. You can shoot all sorts of arrows in the beginning The target must be at least 50 yards away and the limbs of a tree works well. When you get a certain level of accuracy, move closer to the target. You can also apply these steps when shooting arrows with your hands rather than a bow and arrow. First aid is one of the most practical things you’ll need to learn on your camping trips. This will help you save more lives during the accidents that could happen while camping. First aid for camping is like first aid for survival. 

Camping Lanterns

Be prepared of anything that could come and take the things you will need to treat an injured person.Camping activities are endless, can satisfy your every need and help you learn something new. You will never regret to go camping. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission on products purchased through these links at no additional cost to you. 


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